A Look Into Virtual Assistance

What are some of the things a #virtualassistant does?

Why are they called “virtual assistants”?

Working As a virtual assistant for over 18 years, I help businesses, #lifecoaches and consultants with their administrative tasks, from my own “virtual” office. One of the things a virtual assistant can do is research. In my own research, recently into online job postings and hiring tactics on Linkedin, Indeed, and Zip Recruiter, I’ve found some inconsistencies in the job titles posted and what the position actually is.

Most of my research has been in office administration, technology and marketing areas. I have consistently seen ads posted for virtual assistants or with the words virtual assistant in the title. However, when I look closer at the listings most of them include the word “remote” work. They are also usually listed as full-time, with some in office days and/or include benefits like health insurance and paid time off.

That is not and should not be listed as a virtual assistant position. A virtual assistant is a contractor and by that nature works with more than one company or consultant.

So I thought I’d point out to all the #headhunters, #recruiters and #hrexperts, who are being overly creative with job titles in your listings, that does not attract the best candidates for the position. It is beneficial to be clear – are you looking for a contractor or an employee?




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