Level Up or Stay Put!

Do you love seeing all the new posts and catchy email subject lines about taking your business to the next level?  January is a month full of these catchy emails and posts with titles like:

First step to 7 figures;
6 Things you must quit doing;
Save hundreds of hours marketing & make thousands more in sales;
Get More Clients in 2023;

And on and on and on.

Do you ever get the feeling that not everyone wants this?  Do you wonder; are their any people out there who are happy with their business? Are there people who don’t want to scale their business?

What do you want?  Have you taken the time to really think about what makes you happy and how to incorporate more of it into your life, including your work life?

I have been working as a virtual assistant for over 18 years.  So many of the people that started out at the same time I did, have gone on to build VA firms, become online business managers or become coaches for VA’s.  While this growth and change in direction is great for some, it’s not for everyone.  Not everyone has the desire to manage people, or take that next step.

Every January when I read all these titles I feel like the industry is putting down all of the virtual assistants who want to be virtual assistants and keep doing the work. I’m sure this is not the intent, but I wonder if other people feel the same way I do. These doers are the reason so many entreprenuers, coaches and businesses are successful.

For me, I enjoy being the person behind the scenes, doing the work that needs to be done. As the owner of Business Assist, I continue to work with clients and teams to implement and manage systems that streamline the administrative functions. I enjoy the long-term relationships we build and seeing the process of goal to fruition complete.