Changing Times Call for Changing Attitudes

We are entering new territory.  Determining how to stop the spread of COVID-19 and the recommendations for social distancing are important, however, so are the feelings all of this change is bringing out in each of us. I have chosen to remain calm and hopeful.  I trust in God and know that he answers prayers.

However, this morning after receiving a call from my son’s class advisor to inform me that they will be moving to virtual education online next week, it hit me how authentic this all is.  I have been working online as a virtual assistant for 15 years.  I am comfortable with it.  I love the continuous learning environment and all of the updates in systems and tools available to us.  We live in an area that has limited high speed internet options (DSL).  This limits the amount of what can be done at the same time online by different members of my family.  I know many others also have this concern.  It is scary to think that we cannot go out and about to restaurants, libraries and other businesses that offer free internet to be able to do the work or school work that we need to do.

In spite of this, I will do my best to share kindness and see the best in all people. I am making a conscious choice to be grateful that we have so many amazing options available to us to fill our needs and wants.  I will do my best to help and share resources that I have come across in my virtual world.

It’s also important to remember that with the overabundance of information that we are being given, it can be overwhelming and cause anxiety in many people. Not everything you see or read online is true.  It’s good to be cautious and think/ do-the-research before sharing information.  Be patient and kind with yourself and others that you encounter.  We’ll all get through this together – while being #sociallydistanced.

Jaylene Gonyea
Business Assist



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