Don’t miss the bandwagon – group coaching is IN

It’s official – group programs are the key to a thriving, consistent coaching or training business.

Currently most coaches or trainers are relying on the high-end, one-on-one coaching model.  But there are only so many hours in a day – and wouldn’t you prefer to spend more of your time doing other things besides working?

Coaching groups are the proven way to leverage your time, make more money, and for you – and your clients – to achieve even greater levels of success.

Even if you already do group coaching, are you attracting, honoring and serving them as well as you could be?

Wherever you are on the spectrum, I have some fantastic news for you. My good friend and colleague, Gina Hiatt, Ph.D., has put together this FR*EE, 5-DAY virtual event:

The SECOND Annual Group Coaching Megasummit

Create Groups and Communities that

Bring Transformation to Your Clients and

 Big Money to You

 Get Fantastic Client Results, Reach More People,

and Earn More with Less Work!

 October 27 – 31, 2014

 Here’s the link to reserve your space:

Gina has brought together 20 experts who will teach you and give you action steps that address all 5 of the reasons that you hesitate to run groups.  AND…

If You Are an Experienced Coach or You’ve Already Run Group Programs:

You’re in for a treat.  Gina and these experts will give you a behind-the-scenes look at their own group programs.  They’ll reveal mistakes made, how they got started running groups, and how they run the groups to get maximum results.  You’ll get a ton of ideas for new kinds of groups to run and techniques to use in your current group programs.

After you’ve listened to her interviews with these experts, you will:

  • Know that you, too, can run groups, make more money and serve your clients better!
  • Be excited about all the new possibilities groups can bring to your coaching practice
  • Feel more confident and be ready to take action towards starting YOUR first group
  • Have tons of new ideas for your current groups or for new groups
  • Be ready with new marketing techniques to attract just the right clients to your groups
  • Know how to improve your group coaching skills
  • Know several new ways to run groups that you never thought of
  • Be clear on the right kind of group for YOU

Here’s that link again, so you can reserve your space on this complimentary 5-day virtual training event:

If you’re ready to start working smarter, have greater reach, and make more money, this event is for you!

See you there!  Don’t wait – take just 1 minute right now and sign up:

INSTANT BONUS:  When you grab your seat today you will immediately receive an information-packed video from Adam Urbanski, created exclusively for those registered for the Megasummit! “The 7 Figure Coaching Business Blueprint”