Choosing A Shopping Cart

There are two main categories for shopping cart software and when evaluating shopping carts, the points of comparison can seem endless.  The differences aren’t always easily noticeable but being certain to consider future needs and changes is a key step in determining what shopping cart will best serve your business.  The two types of shopping carts are licensed software and hosted software.  A few things to consider when looking at both types are:

  • the balance of flexibility with ease of use
  • location of the program
  • who will update and maintain the software
  • security of information including liability, and
  • the ability to customize

One thing to consider while making your decision is do you want to make a long-lasting investment in your future and business or do you want to jump right in and risk using a software that you’ll quickly outgrow.

Developing a strategy plan for your needs will provide focus and help you to determine your specific business needs with consideration for your target market, budget and future goals.