Why A Communication Plan is Key

Having a good “communication” plan in place with your VA is an important step in creating your working relationship. When both parties know how the communications will flow there is a sense of comfort in the relationship. This does not mean that you have to completely stay with the plan you develop. As business grows and changes you may find the need to adjust your communication plan to better suit the current needs of both you and the client.

Some examples of communication plans that I have used are below:

The VA and client communicate by regular email and a one-hour telephone call each week to discuss current and future tasks. This type of communication plan works well with the client that you are working closely with on multiple projects. It provides both parties with a personal connection and allows for easy discussion rather than interpreting details from within an email. This weekly call is invaluable in the relationship with clients and I know they appreciate it also.

Another type of communication plan includes regular emails and bi-weekly or monthly one hour telephone calls. When working with a client on specific self-directed tasks such as article bank submissions, it may be easier to talk by telephone less often, but to keep communications open through email more frequently.

You and your client may also choose to check in by phone more or less frequently that the two plans I have mentioned above. The need for live voice communications (telephone or otherwise) is purposeful. It adds strength and builds trust in your relationship, which we all know is very important in growing and expanding your business. Each client’s needs and business are unique and require an individualized communication plan that meets both the needs of the VA and of the client.

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