Common Characteristics of Small Business Owners and Consultants

Some common characteristics of small business owners, coaches and solopreneurs include:

  • Drowning in paperwork
  • Working too many hours
  • Wanting to stay up-to-date on the latest business trends
  • Stressed out over deadlines and missed opportunities
  • burying yourself in the “how” details to avoid doing

My first few years in business I was working 60- 70 hours per week.  Speaking from first-hand experience, doing all the things to run my business, severely impacted my personal and home life. I was mentally drained. Then I started working with a team of va’s and online business managers.  I learned to prioritize projects, outsource things that I didn’t want to do and to say no to some requests that were not a good fit.

If you truly want to create a thriving business you need to have a team on your side.

Stop the excuses!

Start by inquiring how I can help save you time and money today!  Let’s build a team relationship and I’ll take care of all of those daunting tasks.