Do you have a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is an online document telling visitors to your website what information you collect and what you do with that information.   It is an explanation of what you are doing with information you may gather of visitors to your website.

Our privacy policy is listed on my website privacy policy page.  Does your website have a privacy policy?  Have you thought about adding one, but are not sure what it should say?  There are so many options, samples and companies offering services related to privacy policies.  Do you know someone who specializes in policy writing?  I suspect there are tons of jobs in this field.  A few titles I came across in a short look include:

  • Privacy, Trust & Safety Policy Specialist
  • Privacy Analyst (Certified)
  • Business Risk & Control Sr Associate
  • Privacy Policy Associate
  • Privacy Senior Analyst, Government Affairs and Public Policy
  • Director of Data Privacy Policy

That’s a whole new career field with a variety of job titles.  I wonder what types of education background lead people to these positions.

To create your own privacy policy you’ll need to educate yourself on the types of software or applications you use for your website.  What are some of the things that should be included in a privacy policy?

  • types of data you collect
  • how you use that personal data
  • where you store that personal data
  • how long you keep / store the data
  • if you share it and where you share the data.

Keeping the policy general will be easier to maintain it. You’re website as well as the privacy policy should be reviewed on a regular schedule so that any changes or updates are made in a timely manner.  Updates can and should include any new software and/or companies you use in the process of regular business.